Work for Government Agencies and Private Sector Firms:

In addition for both work for the federal governement and for private sector firms seeking business with the federal government and speciically the General Services Administration's Public Building Service, Thomas H Walker Consultants, LLC utilizes a number of prior GSA employees who were considered some of the best in their field and private sector real estate development professionals on an as needed basis depending on the specific skill and experience required.

Some of these professionals include:

Bill Norman, WF Norman Consulting, Inc:  Retired GSA Leasing Specialist

Mike Roper, Retired GSA Development Specialist

Steve Leonard,:Retired GSA Property Management Specialist

Stan Hall, Retired GSA Property Management Specialist

John McCrum, Retired GSA Property Management Specialist

Jerry Wall: Retired GSA Development and Construction Mangement Specialist

Marty McFarland: Private Sector Real Estate Development and Finance Specialist

William Valentine: Private Sector Real Esate and Development Specialist

Bill Jenkins: Retired GSA Public Building Service Executive

Eric Dunham: Retired GSA Property Management and Government Wide Policy Specialist

Carol Dunham: Retired Homeland Security Finance Executive

Diana Parks-Curran: Prior GSA Real Estate Attorney now in private practice.